Annual Charity Match

Saturday 20th March 2004

Match Result


The organisers wish to thank the 100 anglers that competed in this years' match in addition to all those individuals who have given up their time both before and on the day of the match. Special mention must all go to those individuals and tackle shops that donated prizes for the raffle.

Over 500 was raised on the day.

H section was the best on the day with the 15 anglers drawn in that section averaging over 3lb per man.

Planning has already begun for the 2005 match. Currently planned changes include reducing the number of anglers per section down to 10, paying more money to the section winner, using different areas of the canal as the sections will be smaller and therefore not require as much parking space and paying out more places down to a maximum of 6th, although this will be dependent on the number of anglers competing.

Top 6 Anglers 
Position Angler Peg Weight
1 Dave Brierley - Tricast Calder G 6 7lb 2oz
2 Dennis Kneller - Team Eclipse H 1 5lb 13oz 15dr
3 Frank Slater - Dave's of Middlewich G 15 4lb 15oz 8dr
4 Ben Stevens - Walkers Tackle H 20 4lb 13oz 12dr
5 Nick Brown - Unaffiliated G 7 4lb 13oz 4dr
6 Graham Massey - Dave's of Middlewich G 1 4lb 12oz


Section Winners (25)
Section Angler Peg Weight
A Section Not Used
B Section Not Used
C G Lawrence C 2 3lb 15oz
D K Stevenson D 7 1lb 15oz 15dr
E S Harrison E 9 3lb 7oz 12dr
F I Kelly F 20 4lb 1oz 4dr
G N Brown G 7 4lb 13oz 4dr
H P Murrin H 7 4lb 7oz 7dr


Congleton Anglers Society 2004