Annual Charity Match

Saturday 24th March 2007

Match Result


The organisers wish to thank the 156 anglers that competed in this years' match in addition to all those individuals who have given up their time both before and on the day of the match. Special mention must all go to those individuals and tackle shops that donated prizes for the raffle.

Almost 1500 was raised on the day.

Top 6 Anglers 
Position Angler Peg Weight
1 Lee Addy - Drennan North West E18 13lb 3oz 14dr
2 Neil Davies - Penketh & Old Hall AS F10 9lb 7oz
3 Alan McMahon - Hazel Grove Angling Centre E16 8lb 6oz 12dr
4 Phil Weaver - Chester Tackle C18 7lb 1oz 5dr
5 Dave Brookes - Warrington D3 6lb 15oz 8dr
6 Steve Harrison - Tri-Cast Calder F18 6lb 14oz 4dr


Section Winners (30)
Section Angler Peg Weight
A   1 - 10 M Hilton A10 4lb 1oz
A 11 - 20 M Lomax A11 11oz 6dr
B   1 - 10 J Byrne/Helen Dagnell (tied) B7/B10 1lb 5oz 10dr
B 11 - 20 M Lear B18 4lb 6oz 6dr
C   1 - 10 S Slater C10 3lb 6oz 10dr
C 11 - 20 F Cheetham C17 6lb 13oz 2dr
D   1 - 10 M Smith D8 3lb 3oz 8dr
D 11 - 20 D Booth D19 3lb 2oz 12dr
E   1 - 10 A Makin E1 4lb 6oz 7dr
E 11 - 20 A Sheppard E20 5lb 14oz 5dr
F   1 - 10 M Webb F6 3lb 2oz
F 11 - 20 D Wormley F19 5lb 15oz
G   1 - 10 K Green G5 5lb 14oz 9dr
G 11 - 20 S May G14 1lb 3oz 15dr
H   1 - 10 S Phillips H10 1lb 1oz 11dr
H 11 - 20 D McCall H14 3lb 11oz 14dr

The organisers of the match would like in particular to thank Mark Addy of European Groundbaits for their generous donation of prizes to the raffle. Other contributors of raffle prizes included Match Fishing Magazine, Daves of Middlewich, Pickerings of Burslem, Terry's Tackle, Northern Angler, Stapeley Angling Centre, Warrington Anglers Association, Members of Rotary and Congleton Anglers. Special thanks also go to Graham at the Church House Inn for use of his establishment for both the draw and after match gathering in addition to providing some very welcome breakfasts and a prize for the raffle.


Congleton Anglers Society 2007