Annual Charity Match

Saturday 20th March 2010

Match Result


The organisers wish to thank the 86 anglers that competed in this years' match in addition to all those individuals who have given up their time both before and on the day of the match. Special mention must all go to those individuals and tackle shops that donated prizes for the raffle.

Approximately 800 was raised on the day.

Top 6 Anglers 
Position Angler Peg Weight
1 Andy Billington - Drennan North West D17 12lb 15oz 7dr
2 Neil Martin - Drennan North West D15 9lb 15oz
3 Simon Mottram - Trabucco Midland/ VDE D6 7lb 7oz 7dr
4 Dave Horton - Trabucco Midland/ VDE C1 7lb 0oz 8dr
5 Dave McCall - Shakespeare Superteam E12 6lb 11z 4dr
6 Carl Robinson - Ted Carter Preston E11 6lb 6oz 10dr


Section Winners (30)
Section Angler Peg Weight
A   1 - 10 Not Used    
A 11 - 20 Not Used    
B   1 - 10 Tony Swindles B1 3lb 9oz 12dr
B 11 - 20 Marl Ellement B11 4lb 4oz 10dr
C   1 - 10 Roger Gardom C7 5lb 12oz
C 11 - 20 Steve Welch C15 6lb 6oz
D   1 - 10 Mick Byram D7 5lb 6oz 7dr
D 11 - 20 Richard Yates D14 5lb 11oz
E   1 - 10 Not Used    
E 11 - 20 Dave McCall E12 6lb 11oz 4dr
F   1 - 10 Dave Trafford F10 3lb 0oz 4dr
F 11 - 20 Stuart Bird F19 4lb
G   1 - 10 Not Used    
G 11 - 20 Not Used    
H   1 - 10 Not Used    
H 11 - 20 Not Used    

The organisers of the match would like in particular to thank contributors of raffle prizes included Dave's of Middlewich, Pickerings of Burslem, Warrington Anglers Association, Members of Rotary and Congleton Anglers. Special thanks also go to Graham at the Church House Inn for use of his establishment for both the draw and after match gathering in addition to providing some very welcome breakfasts and post match food & drink.


Congleton Anglers Society 2010