Congleton Anglers Society

Club Rules


  1. That the Society be called the Congleton Anglers Society

  2. The society is formed to maintain and further the interests of angling and anglers, to ensure its continuance as a sport and recreation and to acquire the rights of fishing for the benefit of its members.

  3. The officers of the society shall consist of A President, Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant or Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary, Junior Anglers Secretary and Media & Publicity Officer.

  4. Day to day running of the Society shall be vested in an Executive Committee (the committee) that shall be made up of the Officers of the Society

  5. Officers of the Society shall be elected by majority vote at the Annual General Meeting.

  6. No Officer of any other angling society can be elected an officer of this society and officers of this society may only be officers of another angling related body to which this society is affiliated or of which it is a member.

  7. The Executive Committee of the Society may co-opt up to 5 other members of the Society to form a General Committee. The General Committee may be convened to undertake any activities delegated to it by the Executive Committee.

  8. For the purposes of conducting the day to day business of the Society, a quorum of the Executive Committee will be established if 5 Officers are in attendance.

  9. For the purposes of conducting the business of the Annual General Meeting, a quorum shall be established if 5 Officers and 4 Ordinary members are in attendance.

  10. In the event of a quorum not being established at the Annual General Meeting, the officers and committees of the Society shall continue until such time as a valid Annual General Meeting can be held.

  11. The conduct of all meetings shall be vested entirely in the Chairperson of such meetings and their ruling shall be binding on all matters.

  12. Accounts shall be audited annually by persons nominated.

  13. A Balance Sheet will be printed and distributed to members at the November meeting, which will be held on a date determined by the committee. Such meeting will be deemed to be the Annual General Meeting of the Society for the following year.

  14. The society shall begin the year on the first day of January and members’ subscriptions shall be paid before a card is issued. Member subscriptions expire on 31st December of the year in which they were purchased. Waters cannot be fished with an expired card.

  15. Any angler with an expired membership is not permitted to fish any Society water until such time as they have purchased a membership for the current year.

  16. The society shall accept no liability for loss, damage or injury to any persons or property whilst on society waters. Anglers fishing society waters do so at their own risk. The society shall levy an administration charge equal in value to that of the current public liability policy excess on any successful claim made against its public liability insurance.

  17. The society reserves the right to refuse membership or the renewal of membership.

  18. The committee has the power to rescind, revise or make new rules, provided that such alterations or new rules be passed and accepted on a simple majority of the committee members present at a meeting called for such purpose. Such alterations or new rules shall have effect until the next AGM has confirmed them or otherwise.

  19. Any member having any complaints or grievances about the running of the society should within a reasonable time of the complaints or grievances arising, put such complaints or grievances in writing to the Secretary and not direct them at individual committee members.

  20. Any member desirous of moving any resolution at the AGM shall submit such resolution in writing to the secretary no later than 28 days before the date of such meeting.

  21. Any Officer or Committee Member who misses 3 consecutive Committee Meetings, without good cause, shall forfeit their post.

  22. The Match Committee shall consist of the Match Secretary, Asst Match Secretary and two other members.

  23. General Rules

  24. All senior members and junior members over the age of 11 must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence as a condition of their use of society waters.

  25. Society cards must be carried at all times. Any member has the right to ask any other person fishing for their card, if they cannot produce their card they may be treated as a trespasser and asked to leave the water immediately.

  26. Any member or members reported to the society for any offence, either in connection with angling or detrimental to the society shall be called to a meeting for the committee to hear the charge and state their case. Should they not appear at the meeting then the committee shall suspend them from membership until they do appear

  27. The committee shall have the power to suspend, expel or otherwise penalize the member or members, but such member or members have the right to appeal to a special meeting called for that purpose.

  28. Any member damaging fences or property will be subject to the immediate withdrawal of all amenities offered by the society and potential expulsion from the society.

  29. All members are to see that their peg is free from litter before and after fishing. Failure to do so will result in the immediate withdrawal of all amenities offered by the society and potential expulsion from the society.

  30. The committee shall have the power to prohibit the use of any bait on any of the club waters at any time and for any period it deems appropriate.

  31. No angler is permitted to night fish. Fishing is permitted between the hours of dawn and dusk only.

  32. The committee has the power to close any waters for maintenance purposes when necessary.

  33. Any member found to have lit a fire on the banks or surrounding land of any society water except on the occasion of an official working party will be subject to the immediate withdrawal of all amenities offered by the society and potential expulsion from the society.

  34. All fish (excluding a maximum of two trout measuring 12 inches or over in any one day) caught in society water must be returned alive to the water, except during official working parties.

  35. No angler shall fish with more than two rods at any one time and both should be confined to one peg. Anglers fishing with two rods should have them no more than one metre apart and bait no more than four metres apart on parallel lines and no further than halfway across the pool if fishing at Goodwins Pool.

  36. No baited up rods are to be left unattended.

  37. No live-baiting, spinning, or plug fishing on any society waters.

  38. No keepnets to be used between March 15th and June 15th inclusive on the River Dane.

  39. Members’ dogs are not permitted on society waters.

  40. No cans or bottles are to be taken onto society waters.

  41. Guest Day Tickets are available for all waters NOT mentioned in Rule 41. Each member may obtain a maximum of two tickets for any one day. Any Guest must be accompanied by the member who obtained the guest ticket and the tickets must be obtained prior to fishing.

  42. Day Tickets shall be made available for all stretches of the River Dane within Congleton Town and for the Hassall Green stretch of the Trent & Mersey Canal.

  43. Any member who aids and abets a non-member to fish society waters will be subject to the immediate withdrawal of all amenities offered by the society and potential expulsion from the society. The exception to this rule being where a prior arrangement has been made for the non-member to fish on a Guest Day Ticket.

  44. Headphones to be used at all times with Radios, TV’s or other electrical equipment by anglers on all society waters.

  45. Waters will be closed on match dates until after the match has finished, this includes Junior matches. Anyone not adhering to this rule will be subject to suspension from the society for a duration that the committee shall decide.

  46. Ignorance of these rules will not be accepted as an excuse for breaking them, or a defence for any member called before the committee accused of a breach of these rules.

  47. An adult shall accompany Junior Members under the age of 10 at all times whilst they are on Society Waters.

  48. All Anglers shall have the use of their own landing net at their peg.

  49. Members whose cards do not contain a passport style photograph of them are liable to disciplinary proceedings.

The Society’s Head Bailiff and Committee Members closely monitor the amount of litter left at our waters – offenders can expect to be dealt with severely and face expulsion from the Society

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