Congleton Anglers Society

Matchman of the Year - Senior's Hall of Fame

Year 1st 2nd 3rd
2021 Stef Brown Craig O'Connor Karl Rogers
2020 Craig O'Connor Stef Brown Karl Rogers
2019 Mick Byram Craig O'Connor Jack Johnson
2018 Jonathan Smith Stefan Brown Jonathan Dooley
2017 Craig O'Connor Kevin Tuvey Stefan Brown
2016 Jonathan Smith Craig O'Connor Gareth Davies
2015 Jonathan Smith Craig O'Connor Mick Byram
2014 Craig O'Connor Jonathan Smith Phil Daniels
2013 Jonathan Smith Craig O'Connor Neil Jellis
2012 Jonathan Smith Craig O'Connor Neil Jellis
2011 Jonathan Smith Steve Jones Nigel Walmsley
2010 Jonathan Smith Mick Byram Neil Jellis
2009 Jonathan Smith Karl O'Donoghue Neil Jellis
2008 Jonathan Smith Neil Jellis Karl O'Donoghue
2007 Pete Farrall Stefan Brown Neil Jellis
2006 David Booth Neil Jellis Jonathan Dooley
2005 Neil Jellis Karl O'Donoghue Graham Massey
2004 Neil Jellis Chris Lowe Phil Eyre
2003 Karl O'Donoghue Mick Byram Neil Jellis
2002 Phil Eyre Bernie Chappel Neil Jellis
2001 Mick Byram Karl O'Donoghue Neil Jellis
2000 Neil Jellis Mick Byram N/A
1999 Mick Byram Neil Jellis N/A

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